Building Department

Building Department:

Building Inspector :

Anthony J. Vigorito
Phone – (330) 544-9000 ext. 1181


Cara Smeltzer
Phone – (330) 544-9000 ext. 1182

Department Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Building Department include the management of all building issues throughout the city. This includes the enforcement of the building codes of the State of Ohio and the Codified Ordinances of the City of Niles. The Building Department also issues permits for commercial, building, home construction, rehabilitation, remodeling, additions, alterations, demolitions, fire protection, fire alarm, plumbing, HVAC, signs and electrical work done throughout the city.

Location: Lower level

City of Niles Administration Building
34 West State Street
Niles, Ohio 44446

Fax #: (330)-544-3429

Application For Plan Review
Contractor Application
Contractor Bond Form
Signage Written Consent Form