Niles City maintains and re-distributes power through purchasing from AMP Ohio.  As a partner in this project Niles is able to reduce rates to it’s end users.

While Niles maintains and re-distributes power to it’s businesses and residents this means less downtime for it’s end users when a power issue occurs. We do this by servicing our customers with our own local crews. No waiting for trucks to come from out of the area.

Niles has been maintaining it’s own electricity for over ‘100’ years. With miles of overhead and underground cabling, traffic and street lighting and power distribution networks keeping Niles lit for centuries to come.  If your not doing business in Niles, You should..  Cost savings in utilities have proven Niles a great economical location to conduct business and safe place to call home.


For more information on how Niles shares purchased power please visit. (

Niles City normal business hours are from 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  We do run after hour crews and function as a 24 X 7 crew during emergencies.  If you have and emergency or notice power lines down in your area. Please call 911