Department Head:

Jeff Crowley Sr. – Housing and Zoning Code Enforcement Officer

(330) 544-9000 ext. 1183


Cara Smeltzer- Secretary

(330) 544-9000 ext. 1182


Department Responsibilities:


The responsible of the Housing and Zoning Code Enforcement Officer includes the enforcement of the City’s ordinances pertaining to the Housing and Zoning Codes. This includes rental property registration, issuance of Dwelling Permits and the inspection of all rental properties. This department also issues all Zoning Permits and oversees the Board of Zoning Appeals and the City Planning Commission meetings.

Housing Maintenance Code:


(a) A dwelling permit shall be issued for residential non-owner occupied dwelling units as required in this section by the office of the Housing Maintenance Code Enforcement Officer.

(Ord. 1-98. Passed 2-4-98.)

(b) No dwelling unit shall be occupied by any person other than the owner thereof without a residential non-owner occupied dwelling permit certifying that the dwelling meets the provisions of this Housing Maintenance Code.

(1)   No initial permit shall be issued without an inspection of the unit by the Housing Code Maintenance Officer or his designee to assure compliance with requirements of this Housing Maintenance Code. In addition, an initial permit fee shall be paid by the owner for each dwelling unit. The fee for this permit shall be $25.00 per unit

Complaint Form

Niles City Zoning Map (PDF)

2017 Zoning Application (PDF) (9/6/17)



Link to Niles City Ordinances: http://whdrane.conwaygreene.com/NXT/gateway.dll?f=templates&fn=default.htm&vid=whdrane:OHNiles