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  1.   Fresh cut flowers are permitted in season, planting radius not to exceed 6 inches (6")
  2.   Artificial flowers must be attached to memorial.  All trinkets and decorations must be attached to memorial.  Shepard hooks are not permitted and free standing crosses of any kind are not permitted.
  3.   Winter wreaths and blankets are ONLY permitted Novemeber 1st Through March 30th.
  4.   Glass containers not permitted at any time.
  5.   Borders around memorials not permitted.
  6.   Only peat moss or similar products may be used around grave, no rock or stone.
  7.   Spring clean up of the cemetery begins march 30th of each year.  Individuals who with to pick up winter wreaths, artificial flowers etc., Must do so before such date.  Otherwise they will be removed and disposed of by the Cemetery employees.

 NOTE:  The City of Niles, and it's emplyees have "THE RIGHT OF WAY" to all cemetery plots.  Any damage to individuals landscaping during a burial or sesonal maintenance etc. Is strictly the plot owners responsibility.

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