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Police Chief: Jay Holland

Mission Statement: The Niles Police Department is a caring and sensitive organization dedicated to the concepts of personal excellence, teamwork, and focused performance.

We respect and recognize the dignity of all people, and seek to serve and safeguard all persons and individual rights through the fulfillment of all official responsibilities mandated by the federal and state constitutions. We aspire to contribute to the quality of life and safety for all people by providing understanding and compassion through the effective and efficient delivery of law enforcement, detention, and services.

We take pride in our professional accomplishments and abilities, and we profess an open partnership with the Citizens of Our Community and Law Enforcement Agencies for shared emergency and protection responsibilities.

Department Goals: It is important to ensure that goals remain consistent with community needs.
-The maintenance of social order within the framework of the Constitution and legislatively mandated sanctions;
-To identify criminal offenders and criminal activity and, where appropriate, to apprehend, prepare, and participate in court proceedings;
-To reduce the opportunity for the commission of crimes through planning and aggressive acceptable modern police techniques;
-To aid individuals who are in danger or have experienced physical harm, and provide an emergency service;

-To resolve conflict;
-To plan, create, and maintain a feeling of safety and security in the community;

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