Department Heads:

Water Superintendent: Andy Catanzarite
Waste Water Superintendent: Andy Catanzarite

2015 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report CCR-2015.pdf
2016 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report CCR-2016.pdf

Backflow Testers:

The link below is for approved backflow testers in Trumbull County; however, you may use any approved tester on the list from the Ohio Department of Commerce in the State of Ohio.
Certified Backflow Testers
Notice of Issuance of a Limited Environment Review.

Public Education on Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Control

Department Responsibilities:

The responsibility of the Water Department is to provide the citizens of Niles with clean water. Monitor the various chemical and substance levels in the water to ensure the safety and health of those that drink/use the water. This department also must monitor stores of water to be sure that there is enough to provide to the city, that all modes of transporting the water from the reservoir and to the people are safe and in proper working order, i.e. pipes are secure and not broken or leaking, and to respond to water emergencies, such as a water main break.

The responsibility of the Waste Water Department is to dispose of the City of Niles’ sewage waste. Both waste from homes and businesses and run off collected in drains from rain and other precipitation, is collected within the city’s sewage system, and transported to the waste water treatment plant. The waste water department must then treat and dispose of it in accordance with environmental regulations and city and state ordinances. The waste water department must monitor the amount of incoming waste and adjust their practices to attempt to accomodate the needs of the city, and monitor and maintain the sewage system that allows waste to travel to the waste water treament plant, to ensure the safety of the citizens of Niles.

Office Location: Basement Floor, City Administrative Building
34 West State St.
Niles, Ohi0 44446

Phone Number: (330) 544-9000 X 1172