RITA Subpoenas





Yesterday, August 27, 2019 approximately 2,910 administrative subpoenas were mailed to taxpayers that neglected to file municipal income tax returns for Niles, Ohio.  All of the taxpayers that will receive the subpoenas this week were first issued a non-filing notice and were given an opportunity to respond before a subpoena was issued.


Taxpayers can avoid an appearance by simply e-filing returns at: www.ritaohio.com, mailing or faxing to RITA the documents listed on the administrative subpoena. 

Please do not call the Niles Treasurer’s Office since we no longer have an Income Tax Division.


Residents who did not file income taxes with the Regional Income Tax Authority or the former Niles City Income Tax office will be issued subpoenas for the special program.

A few months ago approximately 4,000 letters were mailed out by RITA to Niles residents who failed to file municipal income tax returns. Some of the residents who had not filed tax returns have ignored or disregarded previous notification attempts. The letters instructed taxpayers about the procedure and what documents they will need to provide. RITA is now past that period of letter notification.

We are aware that some of the non-filers will be seniors who don’t owe taxes but are required to file the necessary forms. RITA representatives will meet with residents, go over the tax paperwork and set up a payment program if needed.

Those that receive subpoenas will have the option to file the required tax returns on the RITA website, mail required documents to RITA, fax income tax returns or meet with Auditors at our scheduled filing days of September 16-18, 2019 at the Niles Wellness Center Conference Room from 9:00 am -5:00 pm.

Recipients of the subpoena program do not have to appear if they complete one of the two options mentioned above, before the scheduled date to appear on the subpoena.

If residents fail to appear for the subpoena program, RITA will then take court action.

Since the Niles Treasurer’s Office no longer has an Income Tax Staff or Department, please call or direct your inquiries as listed below:

MAIL TO:                                                             FAX TO:                                                OR CALL:

The Compliance Department 198

Regional Income Tax Agency

PO BOX 470538

Broadview Heights, OH  44147-0538       OR  Fax to: 440-922-3510      OR  Call: 1-800-860-7482  EXT: 5002


Thank you,

Steve Telego, Sr.




2019 Tire Disposal


21, 2019


The City of Niles will hold its yearly tire drop off beginning Monday, September 2nd through Friday, September 6th. Niles residents may place up to ten (10) tires in the bin provided. Rims are also accepted. Drop off times are from Monday at 9:00am to Friday at 5:00pm.

Please place tires and rims in the bin provided, which will be located behind the Safety-Service complex, at the same location as the Niles recycling center:

15 E. State Street

Niles, OH 44446

2019 Niles Pageant Committee

PRESS RELEASE: NILES, OH –The Niles Pageant Committee is currently accepting contestants for the annual Niles Pageant that will be held Sunday, June 30, 2019, at 3 pm at the National McKinley Birthplace Museum located at 40 N. Main Street. Contestants will be assigned to the following age divisions: Little Miss Niles, ages 5-8; Junior Miss Niles ages 9-13; and Miss Niles, ages 14 through 2019 graduating seniors. Contestants must live within the 44446 zip code or be enrolled in the Niles school system for the 2019/2020 school year.

Registration forms are available at the Niles McKinley Memorial Library, The Niles Wellness Center, and Renato’s Pizza in Niles. To enroll, contestants must complete a biography, pay a registration fee of $35 and secure a business/family sponsorship of $100. Contestants who enroll on or before May 31st, may deduct $10 from the registration fee, and pay $25.

All contestants are asked to attend the Niles Pageant’s Meet & Greet and a photo shoot of the contestants at the Steven’s Park Cabin located at 541 N. Rhodes Avenue on June 5, at 5:30 p.m. Pizza and beverages will be available.

The Niles Pageant Court reigns over the annual Harry Steven’s Festival, attends city events, area parades, and ribbing cutting ceremonies, and completes community service projects throughout their one-year term.

For additional information, contact Georgann Murry at 330-301-8386 or Cindy Rogers at 330-501-8680.

Download link for application


Dog Park Rules


You are responsible for any damage, injury, or illness your
dog may cause to itself, other dogs, other people or yourself.  If you are not willing to accept this
liability completely leave. 


  • Dogs must be current on vaccines (Distemper,
    Parvo, Rabies, Kennel Cough) and LICENSED
  • No puppies under 4 months of age
  • No dogs in heat allowed (Neutered Dogs
  • No aggressive dogs, dogs demonstrating
    aggressive behavior must be removed
  • Owners must always clean up after their pets.
  • Leaving dogs unattended is prohibited
  • Limit (2) 
    dogs per owner
  • Children under 12 not allowed
  • Be sure gates are properly locked behind you.
  • Dogs must be leashed outside the fence
  • Don’t allow digging or any other damage from
    your dog
  • No glass containers.
  • Park hours are dawn to dusk


  • Remove your dog from its leash inside the fence to avoid your dog feeling treated.
  • Bring enough water for your dog and some to share protect against heat stroke, predict exhaustion and enforce preventive rest periods.
  • Toys and food can be a source of confrontation between dogs.  Don’t bring them if other dogs are present.
  • Neutering, especially of males, help to avoid aggression.
  • Leave the park in better condition and cleaner than you found it.
  • No Smoking
  • Volunteer to help maintain the park by contacting the Park Office at 330-544-9000 EXT 1141 or leave a message at the wellness center.