Rental Notice

Effective April 21, 2021 Rental Deposit fees will be as followed:

For residential water, sewer, electric- $550.00 deposit

For residential water, sewer- $300.00 deposit

For residential water- $250.00 deposit

For residential electric- $250.00 deposit

Commercial water, sewer, electric- $500.00 minimum deposit based off of previous usage

Mobile home- $250.00 deposit- owner must provide proof of purchase

Thank you,

Niles Resolution 14-21

Please do NOT use cash when using the curb side drop box.

Online bill payment options are available to use personally or if you are paying for a family member or friend without needing full account information.


Inside City Effective date: December 2011 Billing Cycle

Outside City Effective Date: Decemeber 2011 Billing Cycle



Available for secondary light and power to residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial establishments and to apartments served through one meter for each unit.

single phase motors with locked rotor current not exceeding 130 amperas served at nominal 208 or 240 volts may be included with single phase lighting service furnished through one meter.


SERVICE:   The net monthly charge per customer shall be:

Energy Charge:   

Inside City Rate
$0.0946 per KWH

Outside City Rate
$0.1128 per KWH

Monthly Customer Charge:

Inside City Rate

Outside City Rate (Effective 1/1/2021)

The amount billed is due and payable upon receipt of the bill.  Any bills not paid prior to the following month’s billing date will be considered delinquent.  The City of Niles reserves the right to discontinue service to any customer having delinquent bills after proper notice has been given.

A written application is required.

Motors and equipment served under this rate schedule must have electrical characteristics so as not to interfere with service supplied to other customers of the City of Niles.

The City of Niles Light Department’s Rules and Regulations shall apply to the installation and use of electrical service.




City Building

34 West State Street

Niles, Ohio 44446

330-544-9000 x 1150



Monday – Friday

8 AM – 4 PM

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