The goal of the Niles Water Department is to produce the best quality of water possible for its residents and surrounding communities.

On this page you will find links to a number of documents concerning the treatment plant. There is a history of the plant, water quality reports, and the annual report.  We welcome any questions you may have concerning water treatment or the quality of the water produced at this plant. 

The responsibility of the Water Department is to provide the citizens of Niles with clean water. They must purify water as it comes from the reservoir, and monitor the various chemical and substance levels in the water to ensure the safety and health of those that drink/use the water. This department also must monitor stores of water to be sure that there is enough to provide to the city, that all modes of transporting the water from the reservoir and to the people are safe and in proper working order, i.e. pipes are secure and not broken or leaking, and to respond to water emergencies, such as a water main break. 

The source for drinking water in Niles is the Meander Creek Reservoir. Meander Water treats approximately 24 million gallons per day of raw water, and pumps it to Youngstown, Niles, and McDonald. These communities distribute the water to residents and surrounding areas. Treatment includes chemical addition for softening, disinfection, fluoridation, taste & odor control, mixing, settling, filtration, and pumping. Niles distributes approximately 6 million gallons per day through 100 miles of pipeline to residents and sells water to Girard, Lordstown, Mineral Ridge, and portions of Howland and Weathersfield Townships. The water produced meets or exceeds State and Federal regulations.

The Mahoning Valley Sanitary District water system treats the water to meet drinking water supply quality standards, but no single treatment technique can address all potential contaminants. The potential for water quality impacts can further be decreased by measures to protect Meander Creek Reservoir and its watershed. More detailed information is provided in the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District’s Drinking Water Source Assessment Report, which can be obtained by calling John Nemet at (330)652-3614. The MVSD Meander Creek Reservoir Drinking Water Source Protection Plan is available at the meanderwater.org website by clicking on the link for Administration Public Records.

MVSD Drinking Water Source Protection Plan

Helpful Information

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Backflow prevention is the process of ensuring that potentially hazardous materials do not contaminate the City’s water system through water lines.

As a water purveyor, the City of Niles is required by the Environmental Protection Agency and Niles Codified Ordinances to maintain a backflow prevention program. 

Backflow prevention includes the review of building plans as well as inspection of local commercial properties to determine the degree of potential hazard to the city water system. If a backflow preventer is mandated, the City will inform the owner and provide guidance on the process.

Owners are responsible for the annual inspection of all backflow preventers. A list of certified plumbers/testers is available below.

Backflow Ordinance:

   The Cross Control Program, at the discretion of Director of Public Service shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:
   (a)   All new and replacement commercial and industrial water services supplied from the water works mains of the City of Niles shall have an approved backflow device on the inside of water meter setting.
   (b)   If, in the judgment of the Director of Public Service, an approved backflow prevention device is necessary for the safety of the public water system, the Director shall give notice to the water consumer to install such an approved device immediately.  The water consumer shall, at his own expense, install such an approved device at a location and in a manner approved by the Director and shall have inspections and annual tests made of such approved devices as required.  All testing and reports of backflow prevention devices must be performed by an Ohio Department of Commerce Certified Backflow Tester.
   (c)   The City may deny or discontinue water service until a test report is submitted certifying a new backflow device is installed and operating properly.
   (d)   No person, firm or corporation shall establish, or permit to be established, or maintain, or permit to be maintained, any connection whereby a private, auxiliary or emergency water supply other than the public water supply of the City may enter the supply or distributing system of the City, unless such private, auxiliary or emergency water supply shall have been approved by the Director of Public Service and by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.
   (e)   It shall be the duty of the Director of Public Service to cause surveys and investigations to be made of industrial and other properties served by the public water supply where actual or potential hazards to the public water supply may exist.  Such surveys and investigations shall be made a matter of public record and shall be repeated as often as the Director shall deem necessary.
   (f)   The Director of Public Service, or his duly authorized representative, shall have the right to enter, at any reasonable time, any property served by a connection to the public water supply or distribution system of the City for the purpose of inspecting the piping system or systems thereof.  On demand, the owner, lessees or occupants of any property so served shall furnish to the Director any information that he may request regarding the piping system or systems or water use on such property.  The refusal of such information, when demanded, shall, within the discretion of the Director be deemed evidence of the presence of improper connections as provided in this section and chapter.
   (g)   The water consumer, owner, lessee or occupant must maintain a record of each backflow prevention device.  This shall include a record of the most current backflow device test report and if applicable, record of repair or rebuild for each device.  Records of tests and repairs shall be submitted to the water department within ten (10) days of completion.
   (h)   In the event the consumer, owner, lessee or occupant fails to annually test the backflow prevention device(s) located on the premises, the Water Superintendent shall have a Certified Backflow Prevention Tester conduct a test on the device(s).  A fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) shall be applied to the water customer’s monthly bill.  Refusal to allow the designated company access or lack of cooperation to permit the Certified Tester to conduct a test on the device(s) shall result in immediate termination the water service.
   (i)   The Director of Water Utility Operations is hereby authorized and directed to discontinue, after reasonable notice to the occupant thereof, the water service to any property wherein any connection in violation of the provisions of this section or chapter is known of to exist, and to take such other precautionary measures as he may deem necessary to eliminate any danger of contamination of the public water supply distribution mains.  Water service to such property shall not be restored until such conditions shall have been eliminated or corrected in compliance with the provisions of this section, chapter and any other applicable laws and regulations.
   (j)   The City shall bear no liability for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages proximately caused by the discontinuance of service pursuant to this section.
   (k)   The Director of Public Service may adopt and enforce regulations in accord with this section.
      (Ord.  49-17.  Passed 9-6-17.)

The link below is for approved backflow testers in Trumbull County; however, you may use any approved tester on the list from the Ohio Department of Commerce in the State of Ohio.

Certified Backflow Testers

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